I swear I didn't know about the girl.

Jag vill ligga ner,
helst sova,
helst av allt drömma.
Jag vill ligga ner,
jag är trött,
jag är trött på allt.
(När alla står i ett hörn och jag står i mitten.) 

Ingen varningssignal.

Vi som alltid älskat varandra.
On every tv and radio channel.
Leaves us with no choice.
Turns you and me against each other.
Propaganda, propaganda for the masses.

(Lyssna inte på dom, lyssna på mig.)

You chose poetry over bros.

Think back to the where and when, collapse in the air is thin.
Im basking and berried in shades of grey,
or was it all a dream that'll fade away.
I move to another chapter and page today,
the first time in a while that I prayed today.

Jag önskar att jag kunde se sanningen i lögnen.
(What if I didn't make it to tomorrow, would people even care I was gone?)