Bonnie and Clyde.

Men nu ligger du där, din själ skadad av ytan.
Precis som alla andra, men det var väl det du ville?
Tom är död.
(Lilla Tom)

Oprioriterad så krälar jag här nere.

Sometimes it's like the city is a beast, looking up from down below
when I'm walking on the streets
And the people that I meet, never look me in the eye
They're too bussy with the bills and the lack of nine to fives
I just crack a little smile, tip my hat and then I pass
Been practacing a while, I'm a master at the craft
And I'm guessing so are you, but it doesn't make a diffrance
The city got us cramped up, and the city makes us distant
Just another misfit, robbed of his ambition
Falling of the radar drifting off into the distance
Allways on some mission, allways searching for a purpose
Whatever he does, feels like he's scratching on the surface.

(Jag ber dig, snälla se mig)